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Once Upon Madison Ave.

Today is Mickey Mouse’s birthday. I know this because I dated a man who’s birthday is today as well, and he really liked to point out that it was also Mickey Mouse’s birthday. This gentleman thought he had a lot in common with Mickey—was loved globally by millions, was the king of the kingdom, and a charmer who had the power to make mops dance. The only thing that he had in common with Mickey Mouse: HEIGHT.

He wasn’t my prince. But I still believe in happily ever after, and we all should, especially when we can create fairy tales around us by stepping into the right shoe. Since it’s turning too cold in NY to walk to my office, I looked back on many of my walks to work (which will resume in the spring), and saw how fashion runs true to the whimsical and resplendent tales that filled our childhood. Using Annie Leibovitz’s Dream Campaign portraits for Disney, as well as some of her Vogue campaigns, see how the windows I saw this year mirror our favorite once upon a time characters. When you stop and look around, you can see and be grateful for the fairy tale surrounding you.

Alice. Featured in Vogue.

Oscar de la Renta blue dress. Still my favorite, and so Alice.

Sleeping Beauty. From the Disney Dream series.

Aurora herself.

Another stunning Oscar de la Renta. In window now, and my favorite from my last walk of the season.

When You Wish Upon A Star from Pinnochio.

Swarovski Star on 57th and 5th. This was was on my favorite things to see when I moved to NY six years ago.

Beauty and the Beast. Disney Dream Portraits.

Carolina Herrera from spring.

Drew Barrymore as Beauty in Vogue. The Lion as the Beast. Literally.

Carolina Herrera. The Roses reminded me of this photo. It's a business-savvy Beauty.

And the Beast. Gucci.

Peter Pan. Disney Dream Portraits.

Calypso. A fancy Wendy.

Peter Pan.

Cinderella. Vogue.

Ralph Lauren. Spring.

Cinderella's Stepsisters.

Window at Bergdorf's today.

The Little Mermaid. Disney Dream Portraits.

Another current window at Bergdorf's.

Romeo and Juliet. Vogue.

J. Mendel.

Wizard of Oz. Vogue.

Chloe. Ruby red slippers.


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My Walk to Work: July 20, 2011

Purple Haze! My favorite color.

Carolina Herrera

Chanel. Okay, I kind of love the mannequins hair. She looks like she came from a fancy party and had too many glasses of champagne.


Miu Miu sequined bag. Much more purple in person. So Carrie Bradshaw.

Dior clutch.

Dior twins.

Ostrich Louis.

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