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TENS in my Twenties: March 2012

1. TX By Way of NYC
Every year, Pat Green plays a show in New York. Always a good excuse to round up the TX crowd and drink Lonestar. And then end up dancing ALL NIGHT.

2. Friends with Kids
Yes! See it. Good NYC rom com. Boys like it, too.

3. Hunger Games
The movie left me hungry. When I finished the book, I secretly wanted Rue to win the Hunger Games. When I saw the movie, I just didn’t care. But good work, Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks.

4. Da Silvano
Another amazing dinner. This is hands down, still my favorite Italian in NYC, and there’s outdoor seating. I had…wait for it…chocolate pasta with Boar ragut. Yes, this exists. Not sweet at all, but hearty. AND YUM!

5. Mad Men
Zoo be zoo be zoo…watch out, Draper. Make sure you read the weekly recaps at NY Mag. They’re poignant, and help pinpoint what gets you sucked into this show.

6. March Madness
Have to confess, I wasn’t as invested this year as I have been in the past, but still love a good basketball game.

7. Austin, TX: Bachelorette!
I got back to Austin once again, although probably for the last time in quite awhile. This time the event was one of my best friend’s bachelorette party. I was honored to be asked to be a bridesmaid, and this weekend away was not only a nice vacation, but a great get away with the girls that has me even more excited for the wedding itself. There were dinners, dancing, karaoke, and a pontoon boat. The rest is for the books.

8. Supreme Court
The Supreme Court heard three days of argument regarding Obamacare, with D.C. folk lining up to sit in like it was the opening of Breaking Dawn, Part II. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it will not only be a deciding factor in this year’s Presidential election, but arguably one of the more significant Supreme Court rulings of our time. The primary debate is over the individual mandate, that requires individuals to buy insurance and the constitutionality of this. And if this goes, what happens to the rest of the laws? Read up on this…

9. New Job
I made an internal move at my company into a new job! Woohoo!

10. Falling…
I like a new boy. I also like a lot of iPhone cases (more on this in a future post), so let’s not get too excited. But he does make me feel like I’m living a teenage dream. Stay tuned.


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