Jackie’s Bio

I’m a 29 year old proud Texan who has lived in New York for six years, and I still wear my cowboy boots. I do not have an accent, but I say and type, “y’all.” It’s my favorite word. I received a BA in History from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. I studied acting at institutions including Yale University, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, The Williamstown Theatre Festival, and The Lee Strasberg Institute. After many small—from background to speaking roles—in film and television, and a long list of unsuccessful theatre auditions, I decided that lifestyle wasn’t for me. I stumbled into the world of publishing, which fortuitously fulfills my creative drive, career goals, and has fostered my love of writing. I am currently in the marketing at one of the top publishing companies. I love living in New York and eating out in the city’s restaurants—but still root for Texas sports teams.

And I love chocolate. My personal favorite, that I cook with often, is Nutella.