TENS in My Twenties: February 2012

What’s amused me and what I am grateful for in February 2012.

1. Giants WIN the Super Bowl!

2. Magazines
The Harper’s Bazaar redesign is HOT. Loving fashion books in the larger trim size. The country’s oldest fashion magazine, and still an actual fashion magazine and not about fill in the blank socialite, is looking quite au courant.

Plus, the annual Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue. Working in mags, I’m picky about them for enjoyment purposes. Vanity Fair is still my favorite. I didn’t love this cover (I think it looks a little to faux), but love my girl Jessica Chastain and the general photography is gorgeous.

3. Valentine’s Day
Drank the night away at Giorgio’s of Gramercy in NYC.

4. The Artist and The Oscars
Girls night screening of The Artist, and made the below Snicker’s cake.

5. Tree Hotel in Sweden
I’m never going to do this because I’m not a cast member of a Katherine Heigl movie, but this is pretty cool.

How do they get up there? Click for more.

6. More on Movies
There are so many I’m looking forward to. Sundance reviews went down the last week of January, and here is what I can’t wait to see this year: Bachelorette, Shut Up and Play the Hits, Two Days in New York.

7. Death of A Salesman
My mom visited NYC and we saw Death of A Salesman with Philip Seymour Hoffman…directed by my ALL TIME favorite director, Mr. Mike Nichols.

8. Pinterest
Obsessive fun filing and inspiration. Follow me here.

9.  Did I mention my mom was in town for TWO weeks? And there are four frozen mini meatloafs in my fridge? This is major.
10. It did not snow. Once.

Happy Happy, and onto March!


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