Later, 2011.

This is what the end of 2011 looked like for me.

Trip to MoMA.
#39 on my 101 list. It’s embarrassing that I haven’t been, and if you haven’t, or aren’t sure if you should include it in NY travel plans. DO! I went on the free Fridays (sponsored free entry to the museum…usually $25…from 4pm-8pm on Fridays). Go early (I was there by 3:40ish), wait in the line (because it’s totally worth it), and then use your $25 to buy a drink or dessert at the Bar Room at the Modern. My fave was the extensive de Kooning exhibit, which closes on Jan. 9th, and it was FABU!


Sculpture garden.

de Kooning later works.Took myself on a dinner date (I like going to museums alone) and didn't mind treating myself to glass #2.

Scene at the Bar Room.

Lobster Pappardelle. Don't mind if I do. Not too creamy, was the right portion size, and didn't skimp on the lobster.

Chocolate pistachio dome for dessert. Was not my favorite thing in the world, but really pretty and inventive. I wasn't dying for ice cream, but fair warning, nearly all desserts on the menu have it.

The dome: layers of cake, pistachio ice cream, dipped in chocolate with a few hazelnuts for CRUNCH!

My New Cookbook:
I follow the Homesick Texan blog, but obviously not enough because I didn’t know there was a cookbook! A surprise holiday present that I can’t wait to use (jalapeno/strawberry jam and chipotle corn crabcakes are happening stat). My dear friend who gave it to me (love you, S) wrote the perfect inscription: “I’ll bring the Shiner.”
New Year’s Eve

I was nervous about new year’s in the city, where getting a cab was allegedly harder than getting a boyfriend who didn’t want to go to the MSG Phish show. But things worked out absolutely stress free, including washing my hair for the first time (I had a little too much anxiety that ALL of the red would just wash out immediately). Hair worked out (God Bless Tessa copper shampoo, velcro rollers, and bobby pins), and holy WINNING (I’m not using this term ever again outside the context of 2011), we had ZERO trouble getting taxis all night! Girlfriends and I had a late dinner at Collichio and Sons, which we leisurely extended until about 1:15am. And oh, Tom, you did not disappoint. 

Zeppole (Italian donut. Yeah, I asked the waiter) with apple butter. I switched out the vanilla ice cream for marshmallow ice cream, which was a sign to come of good decision making.

Apple butter! Apple butter! Apple butter! Ahhhhh.

When spanx start to hurt.

Cookie plate. Never hurt anyone.

Chocolate tart. This was my favorite, and was served with lemon sorbet, which I at first thought worked as well as Demi and Ashton, but ended up being totally Angelina and Brad. Note: I'm a little embarrassed I just wrote that. Color me lame.

Staff banging on pots and pans for the NY countdown.


Bloody Mary's at Essex the next day. KEY. Cheers to a spicy 2012.


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