Red-headed Blonde

Dye my hair brown is #88 on my 101 Things List. I have no idea what I was thinking when I filed this under “arts and education” on the list, but changing my hair color ended up being both: an art, and educational. Rather than brown, I went for an auburny-red inspired by Drew Barrymore’s recent dye. Having been a blonde from birth (perhaps with some enhancements over the years…), I wanted to go with another vibrant color, and felt like a brown would be too muted for my personality since I couldn’t highlight right away in order to avoid damage.

Inspirational shot. I had a serious collection of shades I wanted to capture, and Drew was 98% of the photos. Pics are a MUST when changing color.

So back to the art and education. Let me tell you, this was a process. AND SOOOOO fun. I really wanted to do the color change while I was in L.A. for the Christmas holiday, because I wanted my mom around for support and to tell me the truth. But apart from my mom, I also had, CARLOS. Carlos is a color genius at Sally Hershberger, and gave me an entirely new respect for hair color. He was a blast to talk to right away, and totally got what I was trying to achieve. But better yet, he made me feel comfortable and confident that he could get it done. It was certainly a journey.

BEFORE shot.

Cappucino to get the day going.

View of the Hills at Sally Hershberger's fab space on La Cienega. (Above Kelly Wearstler's studio! Fun!)

Because I’d been a lifelong blonde and my hair was so light, it didn’t take the color right away, which was expected. I was a lovely little carrot top after the first base color.

Carlos and Liz, masters at work.

Orange. Minor solute to pantone's color of the year, Tangerine Tango.

Carlos and his very cool, very sweet, very knowledgeable assistant, Liz, knew what they were in for and were prepped for the next round- a second base color of red.

Waiting for the color to set. Good thing this step is not usually seen...not too hot...But if you look closely you can see my mom in the background reading a magazine.

The next steps we all quickly nicknamed “surgery,” because getting the shade of red right was an absolute procedure. There were multiple glosses, stuff put on the base, shampoos, stares, all while sitting next to Tori Spelling getting her hair and eyebrows bleached. Carlos and Liz would conference on what to do next, looking over the patient. Then they would confer with my mom- “her hair isn’t taking the color.” It was like a montage from Grey’s Anatomy (the Denny era). But, after an entire day (12:30-6:30pm) in the operating chair, a return trip the next morning for another gloss, as well as a third gloss two days later (on a side note- the additional glosses were complimentary as a continuation of the original service, which I think speaks versus of this salon and their service), I was a red head.

Pic in the changing room. Raquel Welch walked in on my changing and told me to remember to lock the door. Thanks, Raquel.

I LOVE luuuuv looouuuuuvvvv my color. Really couldn’t be happier with it, and am so glad I made the change. It feels sophisticated, but still fun, and I think suits me.

In my last semester of college when I had hour requirements to kill and thought I’d be studious in something beyond my history classes, I registered for a philosophy class called “Perception vs. Reality.” The first class was all about color. “Is this red? Is this blue? What makes it blue? Is the blue you see the same blue he sees? What if there is no blue? What IS blue?” I dropped the class that afternoon, content with accepting blue was blue. I am a natural blonde. My hair color is blonde. But now, it’s red. It’s like a special little secret. Who knows how long it will last, but I’m grateful for the experience. Do something different. Why not?

Color the next day.


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