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If you are a last minute shopper like me, and a bargain shopper like me (learn your lesson not use your credit card like it’s monopoly money during the holidays, NOW, twenty-somethings!), then you might be saying to yourself…Sh*t. I’m 24 hours from the first night of Hannukah and seven days away from Christmas. Fear not! See below! All $65 and under, but face it, you’ll have to eat the rush shipping or fight the in-store crowds (just swallow like a piece of chocolate gelt and move on).

I like these for year round ideas, but since we are obligated every December, here is a collection of the stuff that you don’t ever buy for yourself, but when someone else buys for you, you are SOOOOO happy you have it. These kinds of gifts are the best kinds, and inexpensive enough for you to get yourself a lil’ somethin’ for your troubles. Treat yourself!


Decorative books are great gifts, but should also be useful. Find unique ones. $30.

It's also nice when decorative books are pink. $29.

Still obsessed with this matchstrike ($42). Pair with a candle (please not holiday scented. those are cool for a week).


Love me a romper. $39.95.

Give a margarita! Pair this mini-patron bottle ($6.99) with a lime...

Add this with your margarita package ($4.49). Also a great opportunity for kitchy, thematic wrapping.


At home garden. Fresh herbs make all the difference in your kraft mac and cheese. $29.

Everyone wants this pancake pan. Nobody buys it. $39.95.


Candy Bar Library. $25.

Fall Little Pie Sampler. Four Mini Pies! Now you don't have to decide on a flavor. $30.


Changed my skin and makes me feel more makeup official. Also, this lasts forever and the bag is great. $65.

These have lasted me a year so far, and am pretty certain we'll pass two. $25.

Everyone's feet hurt at the end of the night. These roll up in your purse. At a wedding, I had one in my clutch, and the other in my date's jacket. $13.


$18. Could even throw in some Humboldt Fog at that budget.

These are available at whole foods. Pair with a wine or even just a bottle tote. Cute, reusable, and make great vases. Available at Whole Foods.


Obsessed. Since I am far away from family and lots of close friends, I talk on the phone a lot. I see myself having Bye Bye Birdie moments with this gadget. $28.95.

Pretty! $36.

Have never really understood these notebooks- do I really need a whole notebook to catalogue "surfers I met and liked?" But for bloggers this is great! You can put cards on the interior, or simply write down the name of the blog, because it's easy to find so many to follow. Hope mine is on yours!


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