TENS in My Twenties: July/Aug 2011

A sweet and thoughtful reminder of why I write this segment:

1. Summer: Enjoying What Was Left of It
“Nobody on the road…
Nobody on the beach…
I feel it in the air, summer’s out of reach
Empty lake, empty street, the sun goes down alone
I’m drivin’ by your house, no, no, you’re not home…” -Don Henley, Boys of Summer 

Shot from an alumni boat cruise that circled Manhattan.

Also from boat cruise. Happy Fourth of July!

Sunny days at Yankee games! Season ended last night. 😦

2. Summer Treats
Making anything with fruit is amazing when it’s sooooo hot out. Plus, beautiful flowers for decorating…CUPCAKES…and comfort food brunches.

Cucumbers! They go on all of my homemade sandwiches!

Homemade tzatziki sauce. Lowfat with 0% fage yogurt, garlic, lemon, dill, and of course, cucumbers! I made this for a 4th of July hot dog bar topping.

Cucumber mojito. I actually prefer mine a little less sweet, and order these without simple syrup. Basically a vodka soda with lime and meddled mint. But this one at 230 Fifth has...CUCUMBERS!

Peach and onion "chutney". Delicious on meats, particularly pork. I also like it with turkey meatballs.. Just simmer together with some spices.

Fruit infused popsicles from skinnytaste.com. For when you need a break from Pinkberry.

Mini red velvet cupcakes. Hot out of the oven.

A mascarpone/cream cheese icing

The final product.

Salted cornbread from Marcus Samuelson' Red Rooster in Harlem. It's salty and savory and I could have just eaten that.

Kitchen at Red Rooster overlooking the dining room. Lively scene for a summer brunch.

Just put this on everything. It works out.

Sunday brunch band singing "Bridge Over Troubled Waters."

3. Bad Summer Weather
Hurricane Irene, brought the opportunity to splash around puddles throughout Manhattan. Oh, yeah, there was also an earthquake. Wha???!!!???

Click to read this cute post on rain gear, "Storm Style," from Mimi+Meg.

My rain gear. My very old Marc Jacobs rain boots, otherwise known as my Paddington Bear Boots.

Paddington Bear

Obnoxiously pink, obnoxiously oversized umbrella. With this and the boots, I consider it color-blocking.

And the view from my office after it rains.

 4. 101 List: The Ballet!
In July, on another rainy night, I made it to the ballet. I saw the American Ballet Theatre’s production of Sleeping Beauty. Loved loved loved. One of the most beautiful performance experiences I have ever had in New York.

Outside Lincoln Center

Missing my oversized pink umbrella.

Inside the theatre.

Curtain call.

5. 101 List: The Cloisters!
I visited The Cloisters– the MET’s museum dedicated to the art and architecture of medieval Europe. This was #40 on my 101 list!

6. Summer Movie: The Help…and Jessica Chastain.
Loved the book. Loved the movie. Which kept impressively true to the book, never an easy feat. And about to be everywhere Jessica Chastain, who plays Cecilia, is my new favorite actress. 

7. Summer Movie Disappointment: One Day
Loved the book. Hated the movie, and not just because of my completely irrational dislike of Anne Hathaway. Read it if you haven’t.

8. Animal related accessories
I don’t like animal prints, or particularly wearing leopard, which is so in for fall, but too “Anne Bancroft/Mrs. Robinson” for me. But I do like things that are shaped like animals! And there were sooooo many this summer! I also want to see that movie, “Dolphin Tale…” in secret…

Kate Spade. Hella yes, I would carry this! And it's on sale right now. 😉

This is Gus the Guppy, and he's asking you to feed him your jewelry. Careful, he bites.


I can't condone paying for $250 for a belt (ever), but it's cute.

A $16 teapot is more like it.

With the right shade, these are Pooh Corner Cool.

Turtles are good luck.

9. Fourth of July in the city. 
While it would have been my preference to be on the water, NO ONE is in the city over fourth of July. It’s amazing! Reservations anywhere! No waits! No subway crowds. Thank you, out of town New Yorkers.

10. 101 List: Bikram Yoga!
Oh yeah, I did 63 days in a row of Bikram yoga. It’s the last time I’ll talk about it, but it was worth another mention.


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