TENS in my twenties: June 2011

1. Artist Hani Shihada
Artist who does sidewalk chalk art. Bumped into him just north of Washington Sq Park during a work in progress. BEAUTIFUL stuff, and so great to stumble upon as you’re walking through the city!

The first one I ever saw...a Picasso copy in front of the Carlyle Hotel.

What Hani was working on when we encountered him downtown.

The artist himself.

Where to find him next...

 2. Peonies
My favorite flower in season. 

L.A. Peonies

NYC Peonies

3. Saturday Night at Chateau Marmont
The outdoor garden is still one of my favorite places in L.A. Had dinner there this month with family and friends. 


There's a strict no photography policy...but oh well. Our twenties are for breaking the rules.

4. Abacus in Dallas
One of the best meals I’ve ever had. It went like this:

YUM. Was too full for dessert, but little truffles came out with coffee. Yeah, those went down.

5. More treats from Dallas: Homemade Poptarts!
Will have to make these one day!

Homemade chocolate pop tarts from Breadwinners in Dallas

  6. Storage Box Craft Project
While I’m not crafty, introduction to spray glue helped. I had these leftover Anthropologie boxes from the holidays that we so cute. Picked up some pretty paper, and turned them into storage boxes for my headbands, sunglasses, and makeup.

Boxes before.


7. 60 Day Bikram Challenge
I started on Monday, June 20th. By August 18th I will have sweat off chocolate, vodka, and my ass. Namaste.

8. McQueen at the Met
Always packed, exhibit honoring the late Alexander McQueen. On the summer weekends, the roof is open for drinks. Where you get great views and can drink off aggravation from the crowd with equally aggravating over-priced cocktails. Worth it for one and the ambiance!

McQueen at Met.

My all time favorite McQueen gown- I think from 2003.

View from roof of Met.

 9. FoodGawker.com
Delicious way to take a break during the day.

Aggregate of recipes- great idea resource.

 10. Oscar De La Renta Dress
Still loving the blue one.

Oscar de la Renta. I WANT this blue dress.



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