60 Days of Sweat

At work, we are focused on the end result. We dedicate our attention to completing a project, or moving up and ahead. When we date, we wonder at what point will he become my boyfriend. Sometimes even before he actually calls.

What I like about Bikram yoga, is that it reminds you of the little steps along the way. There are 26 postures total, and two breathing exercises. The entire series takes 90 minutes. And did I mention, you are in a 100° plus room, hoping for a kind instructor who occasionally opens the door to let in air.

Every posture demands keen concentration and perseverance. Because you fall out of most of them. In order to stay in, you have to respect and fulfill every movement. Before you kick your leg, your knee must be locked. Before you arch your back, your forehead must touch your knee. To achieve the maximum of each posture, you have to endure the journey.

Today is the seventh day of my 60 day Bikram challenge. I have practiced on and off since I was 18 (dare I say 10 years ago) and over the past month have gone two to three times a week to “warm up”—pun intended. This afternoon, during my 2pm class, I did a pose I have NEVER gotten into. The intention has always been there, and I have gone through the various degrees of the posture over the years, but always, without fail, was stuck in the same spot. But all of the sudden, today, on day seven, my hip sank down, my arms fell into the correct place, I elevated to my toe, and felt for 30 seconds that absolutely ANYTHING is possible.

And it is all the better, because I can look back at the little steps along the way that brought me to that place. So at work, in our relationships, and for whatever our goals may be, take it day by day, and enjoy the ride. Eventually we get to where we are supposed to be when the time is right. And how nice it is to have something to look back on.


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