TENS In My Twenties: May 2011

1. Tyson Cole, James Beard Award
Uchi in Austin is one of my favorite spots for sushi in the country (I had my 22nd birthday party there!). Chef Tyson Cole was awarded the Best Chef Southwest title at the 2011 James Beard Awards. For the full list of 2011 winners, click here

Uchi's Tyson Cole.

2. Sprinkles on UES
 Not my favorite cupcake, but Sprinkles is now in my neighborhood and on my way home from office. For pictures from the opening, click here.

Sprinkles Cupcakes.

3. Blind Boys of Alabama at City Winery
Amazing musicians who’s gospel rock reminds you to be grateful for what you have. We saw them play for my friend, Shellie’s birthday.

4. Carrot/Apple/Ginger Juice
I’m addicted. It’s refreshing and you feel so good after drinking it. 

Carrot/Apple/Ginger Juice. Use green apple. Really sweet and refreshing.

5. TV
If you aren’t watching Parks & Recreation- start. Smart, and Rob Lowe kills it the way Charlie Sheen wishes he could. Click the below image for a great clip.

"'Desserts' are what I call desserts...cake? big ol' cookies.

6. Great Gals Movies
Bridesmaids is hilarious and I liked Something Borrowed. Shut it. 

Are YOU a U.S. air marshall??

Read the books if you haven't!

7. Bikram Yoga
Have gotten back into it, including a 6 a.m. class before work. My 60-day challenge on my 101 list is going to start July 1st. I’m starting to hydrate now. Thank you, carrot/apple/ginger juice.

8. Carey Mulligan
If you saw her in An Education and Never Let Me Go, you get that she is hands down a thoroughbred actress (ignore the Wall Street sequel). Seeing her live in the Atlantic Theatre Company’s production of Through a Glass Darkly blew me away. There’s no one like her, Natalie Portman included.

9. Elaine’s
Closed after the famed owners recent passing. Sad- no more wine with my favorite NYC bartender, Kevin.

10.  Treats
I made a tangy (and healthy!) egg salad from this Homesick Texan recipe.

Jalapeno egg salad.

I’m not a pie person, but I had the apple pie with cheddar crust at Marcus Samuelson’s Red Rooster in Harlem during our national sales meeting dinner (Samuelson came and spoke to our group and it was awesome sauce). This is the pie to end all pies.

Sally: I'd like the chef salad please with oil and vinegar on the side, and the apple pie a la mode. Waitress: Chef and apple a la mode. Sally: But I'd like the pie heated, and I don't want the ice cream on top. I want it on the side, and I'd like strawberry instead of vanilla if you have it. If not, then no ice cream, just whipped cream, but only if it's real. If it's out of the can, then nothing. Waitress: Not even the pie? Sally: No, just the pie, but then not heated.

Pie, pie, me oh my.

 And my parents fed their beagles, half-sisters Bella and Lucy, Dairy Queen on their road trip to Jackson Hole.

Just ONE more lick!




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