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Happy Father’s Day!
I was in Dallas last weekend for work, and my dad and step-mom drove up from Houston to spend the weekend with me- with their two beagles, Lucy and Bella, who go EVERYWHERE with my parents. Yes, everywhere (a week prior to Dallas they were in Jackson Hole. It’s a dog’s life).

The fam.

Our hotel in Dallas became quite the scene at night (picture a line around the corner to get in that makes you think the Disney Fast Pass system might be required). Here’s a dose of my dad for ya…

Inside bar at a table with my friends and step-mom, Marisa:
Dad: “So listen to this- these two girls just came up to me in the lobby and said…”
Girls: “Sir, are you a guest of the hotel?”
Dad: “I am.”
Girls: “Well, there is a really long line outside and  since they let hotel guests right in, we were hoping you could help us get in?”
Dad: “I have two little beagle puppies upstairs. Would you ladies walk my dogs?”
(note: yes, this happened).
Girls:  “We really want to get in, but…”
Dad: “So you want me to get you into the club, but you won’t walk my dogs?”
Long stare.
Dad: “No deal.”

My dad is originally from Miami Beach, and has a year-round tan.

I suppose a business man never loses his ability to negotiate. My dad has shown me amazing parts of the world, taught me all about sports, always supported my goals and projects (even this blog, which I have assured him repeatedly has NOTHING to do with actual sex), and showed me what it means to be a generous and giving person. And, of course, set an example of how I should expect to be treated by a man.

From my dad's wedding.

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Photo credit: The Pastry Tip Editor’s on Best Advice From Dad


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