The past few weeks I have been traveling, both business and personal trips, and been very focused on work. In addition to neglecting my Sunday posts, I have neglected my laundry (I’m about three days away from turning my swimsuits into undergarmets), sleep (I’ve learned I’m incredibly productive at work at 1 am and that the sun is already up at 5 am when I’m leaving my apartment for yoga), my DVR (life is not the same without Bravo’s Housewives), and…people. Not only do I miss writing, but there are friends I haven’t seen in weeks and a really sweet guy who thinks the only time I’m available EVER is for breakfast at 7 a.m. He has actually said to me, “See you in July.” Holy guilt trip.

As much as we have texted to stay in touch, no one can have a relationship with my iPhone. It’s not cuddly and requires too much battery power. BUT, my iPhone does have the Facebook app. While sitting in airports waiting to board, I scroll through my newsfeed and find out that Nameless “Can’t wait for the weekend,” and What’s His Name, “Killed it last night.” Know who else can’t wait for the weekend? The rest of America. And know who else killed it last night? Anyone who went out on Friday night. I don’t need to know that you are just wild about Pinkberry, or that you are so tired, and the people with their Twitter Feeds served to their Facebook wall…they are two separate social destinations for a reason.

But there I was, delayed at Newark, letting my entire network know that I was headed to Dallas and delayed at Newark. Like it was really relevant information they needed to read about in their own moment of boredom. Right after I posted it, I felt silly for doing it. For that brief moment, letting everyone know my status at 9:27 on a Friday morning made me think I was connected to them, the way a Hershey’s bar can trick you into thinking you’re eating good chocolate. You’re not.

Wall posts are sweet and and remind you that you’re cared for. I love them and I like writing on other’s walls. But they aren’t intimate. And as you peruse the Facebook world, sometimes it just makes you feel badly about yourself. You see work titles and wonder why you aren’t making six figures yet, honeymoon photos that make you ask why you aren’t married, or vacations that remind you how pale your skin is and the Jergens lotion isn’t fooling anyone. The Huffington Post’s Switched had a great commentary on Facebook making you think everyone is happier than you in January- read it here.

No one is perfect, and privately we have our ups and downs that we don’t post on our walls. That’s exactly what this blog is about. The awesome sauce and hilariousness that happens in the imperfections. Because anyone can smile in a picture. And if you are taking a time out from all the fun you are having to immediately post that picture to Facebook, you probably aren’t having that much fun. Mostly, we have to remember: when you see what’s happening in others’ lives, you should be as happy for someone else as you would want them to be for you. Because you will have that moment one day, too.

While it’s a great way to keep in touch with family and friends who don’t live in the same city (my Aunt just set up a private family group where we can keep everyone looped in on news and it’s fantastic), or just see what’s going on with people in general because we all get so busy, our digital connectivity only lets us in as deep as our computer or iPad screen will allow. Balance in our lives includes the intimacy of knowing where that picture was taken and what was so funny, talking about the vacation on the phone or over wine, getting mailed/emailed photos of the kids with notes, etc.

Looking forward to re-connecting.

PS- I have not neglected my treats…Here are some yummy tidbits from my absence for you.

Macaroons from Chocolate Box Cafe in Malibu.

Homemade chocolate pop tarts from Breadwinners in Dallas

Bread pudding from NYC's very, very good Dovetail



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