TENS in My Twenties: April 2011

Listed at #67 on my 101 List is to identify 50 things that make me happy and 50 of my favorite things. As I’ve been working on this (and my little notebook where I jot these potential list makers down is one of my favorite things), I’ve realized the importance of being grateful for what you have. It’s so easy in our twenties to want more, because we are undergoing the journey of accomplishments. But we shouldn’t forget to stop and smell the peonies.

Below are ten things that made the news, that make for good thought, or that just made my April.

1. Trip to New Orleans
2. LCD Soundsystem Retirement Show Streaming
3. The Kennedy’s Series
4. Gwyneth
5. Trad Home + Lonny
6. Neil Young at Avery Fisher Hall
7. Easter cupcakes from Violetta and basket from Sarah
8. Real Housewives of New York Recaps on nymag.com
9. Tribeca Film Festival
10. LA Trip

Trip to New Orleans

LCD's Retirement Show at MSG. Was in New Orleans and had to miss it, but very happy for the video. And for many a good night at their shows. Influential and important band of our time.

The Kennedy's. I kind of liked it. What?? Netflix it. Good to have on in the background when you're doing anything else.

Gwyneth Paltrow...EVERYWHERE!!! Being an actress/country singer/Glee performer/non-ham eating tourer of Spain/mother/bff of Cameron Diaz/cookbook author/GOOP editor is hard, ya'll. Stop ragging on Gwyneth. I love her. Yes, she has more at her disposal than the average anyone. But if you did too, wouldn't you make the most of it? Applause. Also, The Eater did an awesome and hilarious round up of the most ridic quotes from her cookbook, My Father's Daughter (c'mon, it's a good title. Ugh.). Click to check them out.

Launch of Trad Home, Lonny's online collaboration with Traditional Home. More for me to waste my time with, and feel digitized at the same time/find more excuses to buy an iPad.

Neil Young solo at Avery Fisher Hall. Two amazing nights of music. Sat next to Trey Anastasio on 4/25 show, who was among many notables in our box.

View of audience from backstage. Stand ovations both nights.


I had another AMAZING dinner at Da Silvano, and hearing that I was coming, Violetta (David, the manager's, mother) made me this delish (and adorable) cupcakes. SO NICE! Made my Easter (and those who were with me) very sweeeeet!

Best part of having cupcakes? Impressing boys with them. I did that night!Easter basket from Sarah

Black swans don't get more entertaining than these Jimmy Choo's in Central Park wackadoos. And the recaps on NY mag's Vulture make me stupid happy. If you don't read the NY Mag blogs, you should be.

Another 101 list item down! I went to the world premiere of Talihina Sky at the Tribeca Film Festival. Thoughtful story behind the upbringing of Kings of Leon. From Pentacostal to pot. Love their music, and now I love their family. See this. Click to watch trailer.

At festival.

Q&A with filmmakers and Followill's.

Closed the month in L.A. with my family, where we celebrated my brother's 26th birthday with brunch overlooking the Pacific in Malibu.


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