Girls Sunday

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With everyone’s busy schedules, it’s sometimes hard to find free time for girlfriend get togethers, but this is SOOOOO important to me. Yesterday I hosted a group of about 8 gals for a girl scout cookie tasting party and brunch. See pics and the menu below! Everything was very easy to do, and it made for a great Sunday afternoon!


  • Strawberry Salad- throw it in a bowl, makes everyone happy. Done and done. I do a spring mix with spinach, strawberry’s, flaxseeds, and almond slices. A light vinaigrette. Guilt free to save room for cookies!
  • Lemon Poppyseed scones- I stole a couple recipes from work for this party. I love scones, and have always wanted to make them. I’m a fan baked goods in general, and what got me into cooking/baking was learning how to lighten things up and make them healthier. I used light cream instead of heavy to cut fat/calories, as well as splenda, and a bit of whole wheat flour. I also added cranberries, because I had them around.
  • Tomato/Egg tart- Also stolen from work. But, the original recipe (cherry tomatoes baked in filo cups with a touch of mustard), did not have eggs. Added this in to make it work for breakfast.

    Cookies were placed in colorful chinese takeout cartons and the labels were taped on the lids so everyone knew the flavor.

    Thin mints (out of the freezer) are still my favorite.

    Scones fresh out of the oven.

    Table spread with the tomato/egg tarts.


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