Beignets, Booze, and Best Friends

*Apologies for this being a day late. I spent my Sunday traveling back from…

NEW ORLEANS! I spent a long weekend in the one-and-only New Orleans, LA for Christie’s bachelorette party. I hadn’t been since college, but very little has changed. There are the obvious things to be said about New Orleans being a special place. New Orleans signifies a strength and dignity (despite what you might see on Bourbon St.) of having survived. The city has a pulse unlike anywhere in the U.S., one as unpredictable as the base line of a jazz band. The city whispers to you with flickering lanterns, charming you with the quaint architecture, then giggling like Blanche Dubois, as you skip from one bar to another, usually with a drink already in hand.

Jazz band and swing dancers outside Brennan's

The places you go to are only as special as the people you share them with. The weekend made me think about the importance of my girlfriends in my life, my best friends, who’s time I cherish more than anything. Being able to share a weekend with the bride-to-be and a terrific, hilarious group of girls made me think of how Christie went from a make-out bandit, to a bride with her fiance, and the hilarious stories we shared along the way. I cannot wait for her wedding, and am so happy I got to be a part of this weekend! We held a picnic at Jackson Square for her first bridal shower (others to follow in NYC), sipping champagne and nibbling on beignets from Cafe Du Monde.


Bag full of deliciousness and cheap bubbly!

Inside the bag... 🙂 Basically fancy funnel cake, but worth having one!


Me and my Beignet


New Orleans famed Cafe Du Monde

There is nothing in the world like time away with your girlfriends. Our friendships are rare relationships that we simply can’t share with men. It’s sometimes a hard lesson that one person cant be everything to you. But I’ve learned that there are things I can talk about with my girlfriends for hours that I would only talk to my significant other with for five minutes, or not at all. You have your friends who you do dinners or projects with, the ones you can call at 5 am, the ones who’s house you can show up at at 3 am, the ones you just drink with, the ones you exercise with…the list goes on. But every one is all yours, and so special.

I loved how in high school talking on the phone was such a HUGE deal, and we could call and gab for hours. As much fun as I had down south, stuck at the airport, I realized I was coming home to something so special. I spent my four hour delay on the phone, chatting with my friends. And couldn’t have been happier doing anything else.


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