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Music has been a major part of my life. You can escape into a song, drown in it, and sometimes hear your life personified in the hum of a guitar.

"I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if ya never take it seriosuly, ya never get hurt, ya never get hurt, ya always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends." Penny Lane (Kate Hudson), Almost Famous

I can tell how I am feeling, or where I am in life, by what I am listening to. You can learn a lot about yourself from your playlists. As I mentioned in my previous post Last Looks, mine taught me at the time that I was depressed and needed to make a change. And, inspired me to look at the music of happier times, because as Mr. Clint Black said, “ain’t it funny how the melody can bring back the memory.

"Dick: I guess it looks as if you're reorganizing your records. What is this though? Chronological? Rob: No... Dick: Not alphabetical... Rob: Nope... Dick: What? Rob: Autobiographical." Rob Gordon (John Cusack), High Fidelity.

Below is the soundtrack to my life. And maybe somewhere in there, your future favorite song. Download and create your own life tale  where cacophony melodically accentuates the harmony of our days. Note: I have done my best to limit the number of songs per category. Not an easy feat as we got older and just wanted to drive around with our friends with the radio blasting.

Growing Up
Note: This is a mix of childhood music, along with stuff my parents played in the car. On cassette.
1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Judy Garland

2. Snoopy Come Home, The Sherman Brothers
3. Baby Baluga, Raffi
4. Moonwalker, Michael Jackson
5. I Want to Be Where the People Are, The Little Mermaid, Alan Menken
6. If You’re Really Sincere, Bye Bye Birdie, Charles Strouse and Lee Adams
7.  Can’t Touch This, MC Hammer (an elementary school carpool favorite)
8. Daydream Believer, The Monkeys (my first concert)
9. Kokomo, The Beach Boys
10. Papa Don’t Preach, Madonna (I liked this song because we called our grandfather “Papa.” I’m sure my singing along to it was hilariously inappropriate).

Middle School
1. She Moves in Mysterious Ways, U2 (My first CD.)
2. Hey Jude (My sixth grade “boyfriend” got me into the Beatles. This is still my all-time favorite song in the world.)
3. Piano Man, Billy Joel (Also from sixth grade boyfriend.)
4. Macarena, Los Del Rio (awkward, awkward middle school dances. I just got retarded tingles. Eeek.)
5. Hold My Hand, Hootie and the Blowfish
6. We Are the Champions, Queen (1993 Houston Rockets. “Never underestimate the heart of a champion.” -Rudy Tomjanovich.)
7. Friends in Low Places, Garth Brooks
8. Satellite, Dave Matthews Band
9. Amazing, Aerosmith (first concert with…boys!)
10. Cryin’, Aerosmith
11. August and Everything After, Counting Crows (the entire album)
12. The Clueless Soundtrack, various artists
13. Empire Records Soundtrack, various artists
14. Man in the Moon, R.E.M
15. Under the Bridge, Red Hot Chili Peppers (first Karaoke experience…odd)

High School
1. Don’t Drink the Water, Dave Matthews Band
2. Rapunzel, Dave Matthews Band
3. I Get Knocked Down, Chumba Wumba
4. Pepper, Butthole Surfers (Austin natives.)
5. The Way, Fastball (Austin natives.)
6. Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World, Neil Young
7. I’ll Be, Edwin McCain
8. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Aerosmith (Senior prom.)
9. If I Had a Million Dollars, Barenaked Ladies
10. Lucky, Seven Mary Three
11. Push, Matchbox Twenty
12. Smooth, Santana
13. Better Man, Pearl Jam
14. Oops I Did It Again, Brittany Spears
15. Tiny Dancer, Elton John
16. Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd
17. All For You, Sister Hazel
18. Praise You, Fatboy Slim
19. Graduation, Vitamin C

1. Take Me Out to A Dancehall, Pat Green
2. Northern Lights, Phish (The first, of every boyfriend to follow, that was a major Phish fan.)
3. The General, Dispatch
4. The Road Goes on Forever and the Party Never Ends, Robert Earl Keen (Last song to always be played at the bar at 2 a.m.)
5. In the Club, 50 Cent (Mardi Gras 2004.)
6. Song of the South, Alabama
7. Diamonds on the Inside, Ben Harper (Austin City Limits 2004)
8. Hooked on a Feeling, Blue Swede (Resevoir Dogs Soundtrack)
9. Stuck in the Middle with You, Stealers Wheel (How I felt at every frat party.)
10. I Am Sam soundtrack, various artists
11. One Thing, Finger Eleven (Courtney and I would drive around campus, listening to this song, lamenting the end of Junior year.)
12. Night Moves, Bob Seger (Bar to after hours song.)
13. Baby’s Got Sauce, G Love (Austin City Limits 2005.)
14. Under the Table and Above the Sun, Reckless Kelly (The entire album. I drug my friends to SOOOO many of their shows.)
15. Mr. Brightside, The Killers
16. This Love, Maroon Five
17.  A lot, a lot of Neil Young
18. Must Be the Money, Nelly
19. Nashville Blues, Cory Morrow (Valentine’s Day, 2004)
20. Roses, Outkast
21. Wagon Wheel, Old Crow Medicine Show
22. Murder on the Dancefloor, Sophie Ellis-Bextor
23. California, Phantom Planet
24. Ignition, R Kelly

Out of College/Move to New York/Early to Mid 20’s
1. Take Your Mama, Scissor Sisters
2. This Year’s Love, David Gray
3. Piece of My Heart, Janis Joplin (Ultimate Karaoke song with girlfriends.)
4. Pictures of You, The Cure
5. Wide Open Spaces, Dixie Chics
6. Leaving Town, Dexter Freebish
7. If One of Us Should Fall, The Slip
8. New Slang, Shins
9. Together, The Racontuers
10. Boys of Summer, Don Henley
11. Shine A Light, Rolling Stones
12. Loving Cup, Rolling Stones
13. Only Living Boy in New York, Simon & Garfunkel
14. Come Pick Me Up, Ryan Adams
15. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb, Spoon (first SNL show)
16. Oh, Sherrie, Steve Perry
17. Lovin’ in My Baby’s Eyes, Taj Majal
18. Africa, Toto
19. Misunderstood, Wilco
20. Reckoner, Radiohead
20. My Morning Jacket, Sleigh Bells, The National, Arcade Fire, Phish, Coldplay (Might as well just sum it up.)

The Hate-Me’s:
1. Gives You Hell, All-American Rejects
2. Lost Cause, Beck
3. Amen Omen, Ben Harper
4. Anything by Elliot Smith
5. Forget You, Cee Lo Green
6. Southern Cross, Crosby, Stills, and Nash
7. It’s All Work Out, Tom Petty
8. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want, The Smiths
9. Your Winter, Sister Hazel
10. Not A Drop Of Rain, Robert Earl Keen
11. You’ll Think of Me, Keith Urban
12. Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus…I don’t know why this is on here. It helped.

Happy Again:
1. Feelin’ Good Again, Robert Earl Keen
2. Rihanna, Umbrella
3. Firework, Katy Perry
4. Empire State of Mind, Jay Z and Alicia Keys
5. Vagabond, Wolfmother
6. Alone, Heart
7. There Will Be A Light, Ben Harper & The Blind Boys of Alabama
8. All the Single Ladies, Beyonce
9. Romeo & Juliet, Taylor Swift
10. High Road, Broken Bells
11. Wasted, Carrie Underwood
12. Big Girls Don’t Cry, Fergie
13. Glee
14. Forever Young, Jay Z
15. Most of the songs you just read about

Top 5 All Time Favorites
1. Hey Jude, The Beatles
2. Feelin’ Good Again, Robert Earl Keen
3. Kite, U2
4. Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley
5. Thunder Road, Bruce Springsteen


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