Valentine’s vs. Everyday

Catching up on the weekend over the phone with my dad last night.
Me: What do ya’ll have planned for Valentine’s Day?
Dad: Every day is Valentine’s Day, Sweetie.

How can that not make you smile? Here are some other things I am grateful for today.

My signature dessert! #2 on my 101 list. I knew what this was going to be for awhile. I wanted a dessert that showcased my favorite ingredients. It’s a molten chocolate cupcake, and the oozy chocolate is instead, Nutella. The frosting a butter cream mascarpone. Eventually I will top it with a raspberry.


My friend, Addie, said it wasn't fair I was making cupcakes after ragging on them...but I still love them! Especially this combination.

So I have chocolate, Nutella, mascarpone and raspberries—which I LOVE. Since this is made of my favorite things, I have named these “Jacqueline’s.” Indulgent, I know. But I firmly believe that every dessert should be. And like me, the recipe still needs some work. But I did pretty well for batch one! Which will be served tonight at a friend’s dinner party.

Topped with rose petals for decoration. The store was closed and I couldn't buy raspberries. 😦

The nomad cupcakes...traveling to my office and then to my friend Kristen's for a gals dinner party.


Where the rose petals came from. Happy, colorful roses!

– 1.5 cups flour
– 1/2 cup sugar (I use Truvia to keep these a little lighter)
– 1/2 cup cocoa
– 3 eggs
– 4 tablespoons butter

Mix the batter until smooth and dollop into a greased cupcake tin. Then place a scoop of Nutella (a little chilled, out of the fridge) into each cup. Top with more batter. Bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes. For the frosting: mascarpone, confectioners sugar, and a touch of vanilla!

More Valentine’s Fun:


My Valentine's outfit. Peter Alexander dress with little hearts and pink blazer. The dress was a Valentine's gift from my mom two years ago.

Sour hearts! A sweet gift from my friend Katie! Now in a candy bowl on my coffee table.

Bought these for $3 at a flea market. Hostess gift for my fabu friend, Kristen, who organized the girls dinner. Sorry to spoil the surprise, K!

Barbie and Ken got back together. (They "broke up???" I didn't know they had options...) Apparently the Magnolia cupcake theme was a whole brilliant marketing campaign. Barbie is now in a relationship on Facebook. These are the ads Ken "took out" in US Weekly.

Book I finally got around to starting, "I Think I Love You." Follows up on the lives of two best friends who bonded over crushes on David Cassidy. Got great reviews!'s rockin' leading ladies of romantic films. Click to view the slideshow.


CLICK TO PLAY!!! Hilarious! Stefan on Valentine's Day club recommendations.


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