101 Things. 1001 Sweet Days.

1. Make a pie crust from scratch
2. Perfect a dessert recipe to consider my “own signature” dessert
3. Make and decorate a birthday cake for a friend
4. Learn how to make risotto
5. Grow my own herbs and use them to cook
6. Take a cooking class
7. Compose a recipe book
8. Cook one of my great grandmother’s (Nana Sally’s) signature holiday dishes
9. Bake cookies and send to my brothers with treats for their dogs
10. Learn how to make pancakes well

10. Run three miles
11. Do one pull up
12. Give up alcohol for one month
13. Be vegetarian for one week
14. Do a 60 day Bikram Yoga Challenge: Bikram Yoga once a day, every day for 60 days
15. Run one mile on the beach in Malibu
16. Take a ballet class
17. Take a hip hop/funk dance class
18. Run two laps around the Jackie O. Resevoir in New York
19. Get up on a surfboard
20. Learn my blood type and donate blood
21. Play a tennis game where I serve…well

22. Go to Spain for my 30th birthday
23. Take a ski trip
24. Spend a weekend in the Hamptons
25. Take a road trip from LA to San Francisco
26. Attend the Sundance Film Festival
27. Take a roadmonkey trip
28. Get back to Austin
29. Attend another homecoming at SMU
30. Ride the Eiffel Tower Carousel in Paris
31. Go to a beach in the South of France
32. Go to the Cathedral of Rouen- take a picture in the morning and at night
33. Go to South Beach with girlfriends
34. Go back to the Bridge School Benefit Concert
35. Spend a day at Yale and sit in on a class
36. Spend a day at Harvard and sit in on a class

37. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
38. Ride the Central Park Carousel
39. Go to MoMA
40. Go to the Cloisters
41. Drink an expensive cocktail at the Plaza 
42. Have a picture of me taken on the Alice in Wonderland statue
43. Go the the NYC Ballet or American Ballet Theatre
4. Attend the NY Philharmonic free show in Central Park
45. Attend Shakespeare in the Park
46. Attend the Tribeca Film Festival
47. Leave an inspirational note for someone to find
48. Bring my grandmother to New York for a long weekend
49. Plan a picnic for friends at the highline
50. Do a Chinese fire drill in a taxi cab
51. Buy two tickets for the Big Apple Circus and give them away to a stranger
52. Take a group of friends to drinks on the roof of the Met and buy a round of drinks
53. Attend a concert in Prospect Park
54. Go to a lecture at the 92nd St. Y
55. Go to Botannical Gardens
56. Have brunch in Greenwich
57. Go to Johnny’s Pizza in Mount Vernon
58. Go to the U.S. Open
59. Play a sit down in the park or wherever chess game with a stranger
60. Say hello…and maybe even introduce myself…to the very attractive guy that lives in the building next door who I have seen for the past four years and secretly have a crush on

61. Volunteer with children with Cerebral Palsy
62. Volunteer with an asylee or refugee
63. Do a crafts project from my good friends’ blog, Deux Maisons (http://lesdeuxmaisons.wordpress.com/)
64. Organize a database of friends and family’s birthdays and addresses
65. Pray out loud with a friend or family member- not over a meal
66. Learn French enough to get by
67. Identify 50 things that make me happy and 50 of my favorite things
68. Do not log into Facebook for one week
69. Spend an entire day in silence with my phone off , no tv, no computer
70. Organize photo boxes
71. Sponsor an elephant
72. Attend a meditation class
73. Keep a “my day in 6 words or less” diary
74. Send a holiday care package to a U.S. service man or woman under deployment
75. Go to Temple on Yom Kippur
76. Go to a Christmas Mass

76. Visit an old professor from SMU
77. Write a letter to a teacher
78. Read a historical non-fiction book once a year to keep up with my education
79. Watch 10 of AFI’s 100 Greatest Movies of All Time
80. Watch my John Cassevetes box set
81. Find out my family members favorite books and read them
82. Listen to Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Songs
83. Pick a favorite wine from every continent (sans Antarctica)
84. Read 5 books I haven’t read from Modern Library’s 100 Greatest Books
85. Write a manuscript
86. Write a screenplay
87. Move in to my own apartment
88. Dye my hair brown

89. Get a copy of my dad’s Bar Mitvah Certificate- if this exists- or some kind of record, or just visit the Temple where it took place in Queens
90. Take each of my brothers separately to dinner
91. Have a white party for my 30th birthday
92. Instead of a holiday card, ask friends for their current favorite songs and send a compilation CD of them all…give the gift of music
93. Take Matthew to a play, take Marc to a concert, and Carl to a sporting event
94. Take my dad to an expensive dinner
95. Find my great grandmother’s grave in Boston
96. Spend a weekend in Boca with my Aunt, Uncle, cousins, and grandmother
97. Send my grandmother the complete DVD collection of Lost
98. Take a trip with my mom
99. Do something special/go on date with Marisa- Food Network taping? Wicked?
100. Give a speech at a friend’s rehearsal dinner
101. Help a friend accomplish a goal